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Life After Wal-Mart RIch With Opportunity, Talk Business Arkansas, May 2013

An Appreciation For People, HR Magazine, October 2003

The Importance of Being a Mentor, Wal-Mart World, September 2003

Keeping it Going, Wal-Mart World, June 2001

Everyday Low Turnover, Human Resources Executive, November 2000

Human Resources Executive, November 1995



A Current Life with Jimmy Gould
February 24, 2012
Jimmy Gould Interviews Coleman regarding his life and the introduction of his new book, "How to Get There From Here"


Montage of video clips from Coleman Peterson’s career at Wal-Mart.

Video clips from Coleman Peterson’s Commencement Speech at The University of Texas — Pan American.

Excerpt of Coleman Peterson speaking to a group of Japanese executives at an event sponsored by the Soderquist Center for Leadership and Ethics. (Speaking is slow for translation)

Excerpt of Coleman's keynote address at the annual Humanitarian of the Year Banquet sponsored by the Northwest Arkansas NCCJ.

Coleman Peterson discussing his book "Get, Keep, Grow".

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